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Greetings! I reside in Northern Virginia, am a late Baby Boomer, and work as a computer dude for a non-profit in downtown DC.  ObDisclaimer Any opinions expressed are purely my own and (very) probably not those of my employer. I'm married. My hobbies include reading, primarily science fiction; cooking - usually ethnic and spicy; historical re-creation; and firearms, both competition and recreational shooting. In the “lifestyle, more than hobby” category, I am a SCAdian and a Burner. You can send email to me using 3fgburner at gmail dot com.

Itinerary for 2024:
Marscon, Frostburn, Military Through the Ages, RavenCon, Ocean City, (Tentative)Southern Maryland Celtic Festival, Jamestown Day, VARF, Garrett County Celtic Festival, Wilderness First Aid, ** SummerIsle Burn **, Pennsic, (Tentative)Henricus Publick Days, Berkeley Springs, Holiday Faire, Jamestown Foods and Feasts.

Most Recent Update: Updated Itinerary for 2023 (AT LAST), 1/6/23

Info Files Section

This is handouts, how-tos, and articles.

How to build a 12-pack cooler into a 6-board bench-chest
A quick-cheap-n-dirty plywood camp table
A quick plywood armor stand

My Pennsic medieval-gun class handout
Same class, nonfiring / University version
Cannon Drill 101, School of the Musketeer
Quick notes for an hour at the range wit h a new shooter
Medicine, Physick, and Surgery in Late SCA Period
PDF of Med-Phys-Surg Slides
PDF of Firearm Evolution Slides
The Pennsic Medicine Chest
The Pennsic Survival Guide
PDF of Survival Guide Slides
PDF Arab Medical Contribution Slides
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Recipes, mine and others'

Artillery Mocha
Jamestown's Mince Pie recipe
Dexter's Mince Pie recipe
Mincemeat 2.0, with BISON
Low-carb Jerk Chicken
Turkey Breast A Deux
On Chili
Protested by PETA Chili
Extreme Basil Chicken with Cashews
Easy Thai Curry in a Crockpot
Indian Chicken Curry in a Crockpot
Vegetable Curry in a Crockpot
Soldier's Pottage
Crock-Pot Brunswick Stew
West African Ginger Beer
Pennsic Pickled Beef
Cider-marinated Pork Stew
Scallops Dexter
Oma Winkelbach's Rouladen
Beef Stroganoff, my way
Chicken AlfredoNoff
Tilapia Almondine
Ghanaian Peanut Soup
A Turkish Dish of Beef
Ginger-Clove-Cardamom Shrub
Remoulade Sauce

Recipes from elsewhere
Grilled Steak with Rosemary -- From Giant Food
Irish Potroast -- From Lori Titus at The Bee Folks, via food.com

Lamb with Onions – Food.com post of Madhur Jaffrey's recipe

Pork with Chickpeas – Online post of Madhur Jaffrey's recipe. I tried this guy's use of fennel, and liked it. Ditto also, on canned chickpeas. I also brown the pork chops on the gas grill, then cube them. Fry the onions and other stuff in a wok, and then throw everything in the crockpot. I use turnips for low-carb, and added a tablespoon of Garam Masala at the end.

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Rants and Writings, my own and others

A bit of doggerel: The Pennsic Warrior's Lament

A totally NSFW Bog-grade filk: Four Pennsic Whores

Ave atque Vale, Magister Ioseph: Carrying on the tradition with the Mongol Birthday Song:

May the candles on your cake
Burn like cities in your wake!


Vale, Lazaretta -- Design for some art, built and burnt at Frostburn 2014.

Equal Justice for All My thoughts after contributing to a fundraiser
The old "Rant", edited to "Thoughts on Gun Violence" More legible, a bit more coherent
PDF Version of the Thoughts
A Rant on my Blog – Triggered by someone inviting me to a rally for "common-sense gun safety measures".
An Immodest Proposal – You want “Universal Background Checks(tm)”? Here's an idea.
Why not renew the "assault weapons" ban? -- A view from the Left: Kontra tells you why not.
Larry Correia's outstanding piece on gun control -- By someone who actually knows what he's talking about.
A writing of mine, for a Fall 2007 Poli Sci course at NVCC. Some of the info is dated, but still not bad.

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Here are some of the groups I belong to:

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. -- A medieval re-creation group. Specifically, I'm in the Barony of Stierbach.
I'm a volunteer interpreter at Jamestown Settlement.
do English Civil War with MacLean's Co, MacDermott's Regiment of Foote.
From a political-incorrectness standpoint, I'm in the Gun Owners of America,  and the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL). I'm also a member of the Libertarian Party. To find out your leanings in that direction, take the World's Smallest Political Quiz.
Can you handle a disaster? Visualize calling 911, and getting, “We’re kinda busy, can we get back to you in a day or two?”. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training looks pretty good, now…  http://www.fairfaxcountycert.org/ includes links to the county CERT program.
Long Story, Don’t Ask department: I’ve fallen into the job of Northern Virginia chapter coordinator for http://www.pinkpistols.org/ -- You don't have to be gay, just openminded. Another bunch that thinks "Never Again" is a good idea.

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GunRightsMedia (formerly THR) (Gun discussion) – Discussion forum, mostly politics – Run by Oleg Volk.
The Military Firearms Forum – Military firearms and the folk who shoot them. Where the CETME folk moved to.
Baen’s Bar – The hangout for Baen fen/authors.
Every Day Carry Forums -- How much junk-n-gadgets do you lug, daily?

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Misc. Web Links:

The Box O' Truth – Will a gun do X when it hits Y material? Shoot stuff and find out.
The Real Deal on NBC Terrorism, at Snopes-- An Excellent "Don't Panic" piece on NBC terrorism
hoaxbusters.ciac.org -- the best page I've found on virus hoaxes.

Historical / Reenacting:
http://www.chirurgeon.net/ and http://www.chirurgeon.org/  -- The pages for the SCA's modern first-aid volunteers.
http://moas.atlantia.sca.org/wsnlinks/ -- The Atlantia (SCA) Arts and Sciences link page
http://www.mtn.org/quack/ -- A truly scary site - the Museum of Questionable Medical Practices
http://www.pennsicwar.org/ -- The info page for the SCA's oldest annual interkingdom War
http://www.pennsic.net/  -- The page for Pennsic stuff, non-official

Baen Books -- My favorite SF publisher.
Ebay -- This place can be hazardous to your bank balance :-)
Mo Hotta Mo Betta -- Another truly amazing hotsauce source.
Blockade Runners – My New TentMongers
Syke's Sutlering -- Syke's Sutlering -- a great place for late-16th to early-17th century gear.
At the Sign of the White Rose -- Rod, Gwen & Kathryn’s Sutlery.

Shooting / RKBA:
http://www.handgunlaw.us – Replaced Packing.org as the new go-to place for gun info
http://www.jpfo.org/ -- Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. These guys know why the Israelis use "Never Again" as a motto...
http://www.machinegunshoot.com/ -- Home page for the Knob Creek Gun Range, hosting the twice-yearly MG shoot.
http://makarov.com/ -- A neat page for people who have Makarov pistols, or are curious about them

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